Görkem Peksöz was born in 1983 and has successfully completed high school education at Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School, which provides education in German language.

Graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 2006, Görkem Peksöz then graduated from Augsburg University in Germany in 2008 and completed his master's thesis on "Basic Shareholder Rights in the context of Corporate Governance Principles in Turkish and German Law". . After receiving his master's degree, he was enrolled in Istanbul Bar Association and started to work actively as a lawyer in Peksöz Law Firm. His academic life continues with his Ph.D. education at Istanbul Kültür University. 
Görkem Peksöz is actively involved in cases of insolvency law and provides legal support to domestic and foreign corporate clients for corporate law..In addition, he continues to serve and represent clients mainly in the areas of labor law, family law, contracts and liability law, health law and intellectual property law.